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A closer connection…

Texting is a simple and easy way to answer non-emergent medical questions. I can often help out, giving patients reassurance, sometimes even saving a visit or an expensive treatment by catching illnesses earlier. Every doctor and patient in our practice should have the benefit of the close connection I have with my patients.

J. Waco Goodnight, MD, FAAP

What is Direct messaging?

This service allows you to message your pediatrician directly. Text messaging is for established patients only of the provider in question. It is not an emergency service, as messages sent will be answered within 24 hours.


Panda Pediatrics believes that great healthcare is also affordable healthcare. Direct messaging to our patients costs only $5 per month, with an additional dollar per month per extra child up to 3 or more children. There is a start up fee of $25 dollars that you can save by purchasing an annual subscription.


Currently this service is open to established patients of Dr. Goodnight.

Unfortunately, we cannot legally offer this to foster parents at this time.